system of government

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system of government and with the size of the federal government has not been higher than 40%.
Look at the brilliant initiative of a viable democratic alternative at the grassroots, the parliamentary system of government in our local governments, which will automatically eradicate autocracy and waste'.
Asked by one of journalists which system of government is more effective in Armenia - presidential or parliamentary,
A unitary system of government may be defined as a centralized system where decisions that are likely to affect the peripheries are taken.
I would like to see more Conservative ideas about how we can improve devolved government and less looking back towards a more centrally based system of government.
He maintained that it was the overwhelming wish of the people, as contained in the report of the Barrister Gbadegesin Adedeji led the committee on political reforms that parliamentary system of government is adopted, saying the state government only complied with the wish of the people.
TALK is abuzz in academic, political and business circles about an imminent shift in our system of government from a unitary to a federal system.
transferring to the parliamentary system of government, as it requires coordination of positions on many other important issues, Stepan
Instead, several said they would campaign against the charter proposal, preferring the outmoded, ineffective system of government in place now, one that pays them six-figure salaries and grants them well over $1 million in support staff and services.
A former Interim National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande, says the Presidential System of Government Nigeria is practicing can no longer sustain its growth and success.
parliamentary system of government, representative of the Heritage party, ex-deputy of the parliament, Armen Martirosyan, said at
Communist: A system of government in which all of a country's goods are owned by the state.

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