system of rules

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Second, international investment is already governed by a system of rules at the bilateral and multilateral level that provides basic stability and clarifies the rights and responsibilities of investors and states.
The world actually has a system of rules, with bilateral and multilateral elements, governing investment.
But instead of seizing the opportunity to anchor these commitments to a multilateral system of rules that would have improved the access of U.
For many countries the level of GHG emissions they are going to be allowed to emit is set by the Kyoto Protocol, an international system of rules which establishes a legally binding obligation for participating countries to reduce their emissions.
The new system of rules will also assist police to enforce the new traffic rules that are aimed at curbing road carnage in the country.
Setting the Agenda for Ethics covers topics such as whether accountants' ethical standards should be based on a system of rules or on principles supported by guidance, and whether company auditors can ever be truly independent when they are appointed by directors on the advice of management.
Simple and complicated systems are both hierarchical in nature and operate based on a single system of rules.
EC Competition Law as a System of Rules Expressing Public Policy
In its report, the Task Force notes that the government should effectively utilize the valuable information that is held in private hands, but only within a system of rules and guidelines designed to protect civil liberties.
However, with the POD, establishing a system of rules for communication and collaboration in a secure environment is simple.

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