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This new award expands DRS's role on the Future Combat System program as a UAV sensor provider and an industry leader in uncooled, high-performance thermal imaging solutions for the military," said James M.
The SSEI&I at LRAFB is part of an ongoing initiative of the Combat Information Transport System program office designed to install data, voice and video connectivity at fixed Air Force bases worldwide.
One fundamental change in DoD policy is the designation of the weapon system Program Manager (PM) as the life cycle manager (Total Life Cycle Systems Management, or TLCSM), responsible not only for effective and timely acquisition of the system, but also for service as the primary manager and single point of accountability for sustainment of a weapon system throughout its life cycle.
System Program Director, Space Based Infrared Systems, Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space Command, El Segundo, Calif.
3 million for mobile satellite terminal hardware, satellite service and related technical services in support of ongoing Movement Tracking System Program activities.

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