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It is also important to emphasize that in writing the Risale-i Nur collection, Nursi's purpose was not to compose a systematical work which would deal with subjects on a theoretical level.
They follow systematical planned procedure for the quick and efficient completion of work in an appropriate time.
6 KN, the systematical efficiency increases from 33.
In terms of these scholars, Stamm's opinion is systematical.
The thickness was estimated to be in the range of 100-110 nm (Table 3) for all the samples apart from Sample B, differing from the nominal values obtained by profilometric scans because of the systematical error of the GDOES technique (up to 10%).
This study provides a systematical way to predict in which area a defect occurs and determine the optimal molding parameters based on simulation results and statistical experiments.
The fact that the stage enabling introduction of changes to typical operational procedures (as an effect of systematical improvement) is seldom used results, first of all, from the unique character of a project and the general transfer of risk to subcontractors.
Analytical network process (ANP) is an appropriate tool in order to model complex problems with all kinds of relationship, dependency and feedback in the model and draws a systematical figure of the decision making problem.
I expect systematical support for the secretariat will help us promote and carry out cooperative projects more efficiently.
Using different methods than previous studies, the approach in this study starts by seeking factors or constructs of each country that could be capable of explaining, in cross section and in a systematical way, the reasons for a healthy development of stock markets.
They proposed that in the absence of perfect information and systematical evaluation of objective criteria, entrepreneurs effectuate through alliances and cooperative strategies, rely on them more heavily than they objectively should, and make bets on relationship outcomes.

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