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Rivane Neuenschwander's first midcareer survey features more than forty works, many of which are premised on looping, noncomposition, systematization, and temporal delay.
One reason: our industry is facing the challenge of undergoing two transformations at once, having to work through its first strides towards systematization of processes at the same time it is leaping into its Information Age.
His work provided the Reformation movement with a first systematization of its thought, which strengthened the movement and helped the churches to organize themselves," said the Rev.
Tanzini organizes his study chronologically, dividing his book into four periods: from the 1330s to the 1380s, which marked the birth of the Florentine state and the introduction of a state mechanism for the approval of the laws of subject towns; from 1385 to 1430, during the oligarchic stage of Florentine state development, which witnessed a systematization of the form of approval of the codes diffused across the territory indicating a political and documentary strategy of influence on the part of Florence; from 1430 to the end of the century, which marked a mature phase when dialogues between the subject communities and Florence conserved in Florentine registers record reforms and the approval of new laws; and from 1500 to ca.
The systematization and classification of the neumatic notations are based on a series of objective criteria.
It is my belief that in public education we are completely focused on the systematization of intervention and remediation.
Or, rather, there are a series of such moments in every piece, a systematization of the unexpected in which the unexpected is all you can expect.
Systematization of the principal bases creates the assumption for setting detailed concept and development of the automated fixture design system.
But cities have other dimensions that defy the calm logic and systematization of this approach.
Systematization of the Seminar-Workshop, "Treating Domestic Violence," records the experiences of this event held in city of Concepcion in southern Chile in July 2002.
Although this is a legitimate concern, telerehabilitation must use those tools to add structure, discipline, and systematization to the teleconsultation (Darkins & Cary 2000).
He claimed that he was the first to offer to America the Keswick systematization of the "subjective side of Christian experience" in "successive steps," although he also found that his thinking was in line with that of the American Baptist, A.