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Much still needs to be done and systematized, Neal Walker concluded.
He covers the systematized and functionalized ablaut in terms of morphology, questions of inheritance v.
This has been authenticated by the in-person and recorded performances of artists who subscribe to the theory of phrasing systematized by Hugo Riemann nearly 125 years ago.
The company took the process of taking a building from acquisition to final sale--usually a local endeavor--and systematized the marketing, software, and mortgage processing, while offering unstinting customer service.
With a mission to advocate and teach stewardship and "to bring the question of personal responsibility for largely increased giving to the Lord's cause to the thoughtful consideration of the men of [the SBC's] various churches," (8) the LMM greatly systematized stewardship techniques.
Cooperation and sharing of resources have always had an important role in libraries, particularly since the development of modern systematized libraries.
Once systematized into faith, religion (theistic religion anyway) leads its followers to dehumanize non-believers and heretics, to ignore or even enjoy their pain, to devalue earthly life and fantasize about a delusional afterlife.
Irma Clapperton, Medecin specialiste en sante communautaire, Direction de sante publique, Agence to develop a Systematized and Structured Process for Implementing Regional and Local Public Health Plans, Integrated into the CSSS Clinical Project to Ensure the Exercise of Population-Based Responsibility and Improvement of the Health and Well-Being of the Population in the Montreal Area;
Osteopathic terminology for the first time has been added to the latest version of the College of American Pathologists" Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED) clinical terms.
Osteopathic terminology for the first time has been added to the latest version of the College of American Pathologists' Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED) clinical terms.
of Geneva) has compiled and systematized notes for his two-semester advanced undergraduate course introducing quantum field theory.
And how many cars and trucks does a company sell when it has QRD systematized and then adds stylish design?