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The older Reformation scholarship often contrasted the early Reformers as biblically focused theologians with the later Protestant scholastic theologians as rationalist systematizers.
At a time when most everyone was still determined that industry and technology should trail imagination and the moral order, Marinetti appreciated the incendiary promise--in his mind, the inherent poetry--of machinery and noted that the systematizers, the historicists, were already playing catch-up.
Regal points out: "European systematizers ranked groups as superior and inferior using their own faces as the measure.
He believes that men are, "on average," wired to be better systematizers and women to be better empathizers.
Inveterate systematizers, the Persians had even determined how much feed livestock should receive at these waypoints.
While systematizers quickly learned that some forms of literature, such as those developed by eighteenth-century literary practitioners themselves, defied easy classification, they ably consigned even these newer examples to categories that were becoming increasingly rigid.
These include broad systematizers like Rene Girard (The Scapegoat) and Regina Schwartz (The Curse of Cain), as well as much more focused studies such as von Rad's classic monograph, Holy War in Ancient Israel and Susan Niditch's War in the Hebrew Bible.
There's a truism about art that systematizers don't produce the most vigorous art: Eluard's a more interesting and complex artist than Breton, Picasso than Dali, Coltrane than Ayler, Stravinsky than Schoenberg, and so on.
16) Richmond continued to add to the CRSG reading list over the years because she observed that "so much interest has been shown in classification during the last decade that it seems very unlikely that the two most recent great systematizers, Bliss and Ranganathan, have said the last word for the twentieth century in this field" (Richmond, 1970d, p.
Guard yourselves against both; you will find the spirit of a religion, not among rigid systematizers or superficial indifferentists, but among those who live in it as their element and move ever further in it without nurturing the illusion that they are able to embrace it completely.
The major leagues would consist of the great synthesizers and systematizers, figures like Augustine and Aquinas, Avicenna and Maimonides, Kant and Hegel.
However, a more useful ordering of the material was provided by Peter Lombard, the greatest of the systematizers, whose sentences became the basic textbook of theology for the rest of the Middle Ages.

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