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With many choices of programs and numerous "bells and whistles," in the big picture the software does the main job of centralizing, systematizing, organizing, check-listing, tracking and keeping current with what needs to be done, by whom and on what date.
But systematizing the practice, and attaching a presumptive price tag to the honor, lent it a distinct odor, creating the impression--also the reality, critics charged--that the White House was for sale to folks with deep pockets.
Of course, any attempt to typify the whole of Western historiography is bound to fail if pushed too far, but Kelley handles his distinction with an enviable lightness of touch, employing it more as a signpost than as a systematizing device.
Once management gained control of the production process by consolidating and systematizing information about it, Taylor believed the stage was set for solution of the "labor problem" - the zero-sum conflict between capital and labor over compensation.
This presentation will address how systematizing already-available data can have a significant impact on increasing yields and margins.

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