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The change to systemized and automated royalty payments is worth the effort creating accuracy and transparency of data, removing the issue of questioning what was really owed.
This can occur only by shilling to a systemized approach to understanding and correcting mold defects.
candidate deconstructing a Mexican take-out menu ("Menu reflects the problematic reliance on systemized binary opposition").
Systemized trend in league: Is the NHL being defined these days by systems rather than stars?
In fact, what sets Argo apart from many management firms is its ability as a mid-size company to offer a highly efficient, systemized approach to everything from budgeting and central purchasing to emergency procedures.
To demonstrate this problem, Prof John Wyatt, of MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has systemized what a typical engineer might think were some good rules for user documentation:
Phillips Edison owns and manages 240 shopping centers with national retailers in 35 states and said they selected DataSource for their efficient, systemized capabilities.
The Israeli occupation continues to providedifferent forms of systemized support to terrorist organizations in Syria and the region inan outrageous violation of the UN and UNSC counterterrorism resolutions.
A passenger talking to reporter suggested that there should be a systemized bus service in the twin cities in which public and private sector should participate.
NNA - 24/1/2012 - Deputy Alain Aoun on Tuesday saw that the popular protests over the electricity outage issue come in the frame of the systemized campaign launched against the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).
In markets around the world, SYNTHEON offers systemized solutions that capitalize on the latest technologies - enabling environmentally and economically sound structures that perform to consistent, reliable standards.
We started a systemized fight against corruption," Kyrgyzstan President Roza Otunbaeva says, in the film, shown yesterday on one of the main squares in Bishkek.