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Moreover, Baron-Cohen concludes that "the big pay-off in systemizing is control" (67), which implies that male psychological traits can reinforce themselves by creating social systems that preserve masculine authority.
5) Nevertheless, Lope does not foresee the negative outcomes of either the battle or his marriage, which seems to suggest that he is temporarily estranged from the systemizing type S thinking.
Don Lope is initially dominated by the "alegria" that he feels about his first meeting with his young bride (I, 24), and this emotion apparently prevents him from achieving any kind of systemizing thought at the beginning of the play.
While at first glance this form of judgment appears to be far simpler than systemizing, Baron-Cohen explains that empathy is a two-step process that requires a sophisticated understanding of other people's feelings:
Following Baron-Cohen's notion of sex difference, Lope uses a systemizing thought process to define happiness as the preservation of an established social system, while Leonor employs empathic thinking to define it as providing the appropriate emotional response to Luis.
Leonor's relationship with Luis thus degrades her empathizing traits, while Lope's friendship with Juan only strengthens his systemizing qualities.
Compliance Dynamics is a leader in revolutionizing new product development and systemizing the compliance process for entry into global markets.
By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio enables the review of each set of similar documents as a single coherent entity, systemizing the review process and enhancing efficiency.
Systemizing wireless report generation, review and approval processes will reduce the amount of time spent on the entire process by 30 percent, helping keep officers visible, in the field, and on patrol.
This information will be utilized in integrating, systemizing and aggregating longitudinal patient specific cancer information among providers to improve disease management and facilitate outcomes analyses.