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The Police are aware about the taboo and they have been cooperating with us to maintain the status quo or ensuring adherence to our taboo of no dog rearing in Ara'.
According to tradition in Taiwan, adult, married daughters must not return home to their parents' home until the second day of the Lunar New Year, and on this day Taiwanese numerology expert Meng Chuan (aa") in an interview with Apple Daily listed several taboos that daughters traditionally must observe on this day.
First Taboo went through an agonizing series of chemotherapy treatments: 12 weeks of six-hour daily sessions that he describes as "war, torture and a nightmare" rolled into one.
Netizens also noticed that Taboo had unfollowed Fergie but followed her again on the social networking site.
25), taboo language can be divided into swearing, obscenity, profanity, name calling, insulting, verbal aggression, taboo speech, ethnic-racial slurs, vulgarity, slang, and scatology.
The taboo against discussing this material is very strong.
She built the argument that taboo (a stringent norm - that is unbreakable) not only constraints the behaviour of nuclear weapon states but also constitutes their identities and interests as civilized nations.
It is difficult for brands, to tackle a taboo subject
this category consists of some words which are neutral but they are considered taboo if one uses as swear like pig in English/khenzir in Yemeni/ (khuk in Persian), dog/kalb in Yemeni/(sag in Persian), Jews/yahoodi in Yemeni/ (yahudi and johud in Persian).
By Ijoo Bosco May 28, 2014 (TORIT) -- Eastern Equatoria's state government in collaboration with partner organisations has marked world Menstrual Hygiene Day in the capital, Torit, on Wednesday as part of efforts to educate girls and break the cultural taboo around the issue.
But one taboo is causing widespread misery amongst mothers and children on the southeast African island - the taboo of raising twins.
If fear is a primary component of fundamentalism, then reactions to taboo stimuli should at least approach that of traditional fear reactions to feared stimuli.