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Thus, the taboos from these ethnic groups (the Shona and Venda) vindicate that Africans are by-and-large connected despite linguistic and geographical boundaries created by the colonizer.
And, to know that 70 per cent of women don't lead their lives the way they really want to because of its period taboos is really disheartening.
By Ijoo Bosco May 28, 2014 (TORIT) -- Eastern Equatoria's state government in collaboration with partner organisations has marked world Menstrual Hygiene Day in the capital, Torit, on Wednesday as part of efforts to educate girls and break the cultural taboo around the issue.
But one taboo is causing widespread misery amongst mothers and children on the southeast African island - the taboo of raising twins.
eternity in hell), it seems rational that with the accumulation of a widespread list of taboos, some fear of those taboos would exist.
This of course remains consistent with the taboos that exist around the topic and "condition.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Monday there could be no taboos in trying to solve the Greek debt crisis and the government had to consider all eventualities.
Although quite consistently linked with taboos on associated plants, Nage tree totemism is, as I show, a partial and historically derived phenomenon, and not an expression of a completely general, unitary, or systemic principle of social or conceptual order.
Incest taboos in practically all societies prohibit copulation between parent and child and, with a few rare exceptions, sex between siblings is not allowed.
Two of the greatest stumbling blocks toward building support for the negotiations process at the grassroots level and for making progress at the negotiations table at the top-level are taboos - the issues that cannot be openly discussed within the two societies - and an inability to visualize the ways that a peace agreement would benefit peoples' everyday lives," said Daniel Lubetzky, the OneVoice Movement's Founder.