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Tabu is repressed, while People on Sunday is uninhibited.
The Tabu list is used to record the local optima that searched recently, which is forbidden to access in the following recursive search.
One Tabu leader, Eissa Abdel-Majed, put the toll at more than 100.
Later, Tabu Ley's band was renamed African Fiesta 66 when Dr Nico (guitarist Nico Kasanda) left to form African Fiesta National.
The major difference between the original TABU and TABUPC is that a number of the serviced clusters in the route are limited by a maximum number of passengers in the car.
We have evaluated the performance of the algorithm by comparing it with PSO/ACO and Hybrid Particle Swarm Ant Colony Optimization with tabu search(HPSACO).
Starring: Kal Penn, Tabu, Irrfan Khan, Jacinda Barrett, Zuleikha Robinson.
Goal 1 was accomplished with an Adaptive Tabu Search (ATS) approach, ATS-SMMSP, where an adaptive neighborhood schema reallocated one or more RLNs from one transportation asset to another.
As always with Ruhmkorf, Tabu II is a firework display of puns, wit, acute political observations, honest self-reflections, merciless evaluations of literary colleagues and their works, et cetera.
Tabu approached Mr Britton as he worked on the engine of his car on Saturday April 15, last year, asked him about what he was doing and stood shyly watching him for about 15 minutes before pulling out the weapon and lashing out, Mr Dixey said.
The Diamond Cabaret has Tabu club that was not open in 2005, the Denver Convention Center that reopened in 2005, and the opening of a convention center hotel one block from the club in late December 2005.
When Tabu made a poignant appearance in Vishal Bharadwaj's Haider , it was a delightful treat the audience waiting for return of the National Award- winning actress.