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Andries Beukes, Director of Actuarial Services at MBE believes that this latest addition to TRANSKAP will add even more value to clients affected by the Solvency II regulatory regime: "The idea behind the integration of Tabular with TRANSKAP was to develop a seamless offering which facilitates compliance with the new Solvency II reporting requirements.
The farm unions opposed the introduction of tabular valuations which, through the use of average values, would probably have under-valued Evans good animals and over-valued poor ones.
The proposed move to a tabular valuation system fails to acknowledge the weight, conformation or performance characteristics of an animal.
Mapping Tabular Data Using Geographic Coordinates for Point Locations, or Collected with a Global Positioning System (GPS):
We needed to build a Parcel Object component that would maintain both spatial and tabular data while tracking spatial changes over time to provide historical versioning as well as provide the ability to view changes to parcel geometry/attributes.
Such an approach is similar to the tabular schedule found on Form 8873, Extraterritorial Income Exclusion, which explicitly permits taxpayers to supply such schedules in place of filling out the form in some circumstances.
A major strength and advantage of GIS technology is the dynamic linkage between tabular and spatial data.
According to Ides, standard single-point (monotonic) properties, as given on typical tabular datasheets, can be useful for initial material selection.
and LONDON, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Information Services Division of The Dialog Corporation plc (LSE: DLG) (Nasdaq: DIAL), a leading provider of Internet-based information, technology and eCommerce solutions to the corporate market, today launched DataStar WebCharts, a new tabular display feature on DataStar aimed at helping users in the pharmaceutical sector to create tabular charts from their search results.
According to Swad, the tabular presentation offers companies the simplest way to comply.
You can control graphics display, but the browser does not support the HTML coding needed to view tabular material and audio.