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Grimm [14] tabulated, to 5D, f(x) and F(x) for E(X) = 0.
Still, the printing tabulator only sorted, tabulated, and printed numbers, thus limiting the types of documents it could create.
A total of 12,446 ballots were tabulated, representing 23 percent of the ballots mailed in the Hollywood division.
Data originally presented as graphs were digitized so that the entire compilation could be given in the form of tabulated numeric values.
The report, Personal Wireless Communications User Survey, 2000 (IDC #B22094), presents the survey results cross tabulated by RBOC region, state/multistate regions, and usage, work, and personal demographics.
Best will monitor each company's losses as they are tabulated and review each company's situation in the near term.
Routinely, about 10 percent of the vote in a statewide election is not tabulated on election night,'' McCormack said.
A reliable standardless scheme for determining elemental composition from x-ray intensities requires that all these processes be modeled accurately from the relevant physical theory or values tabulated from experimental measurements.
Additionally, the company provides ECG laboratory services to pharmaceutical companies undertaking clinical trials, whereby patient ECG data are recorded, analyzed, tabulated and interpreted.
The industry has not tabulated the financial gain from accepting the cards, nor have officials quantified how much the industry stands to lose if the regulations change.
Votes were tabulated from more than 40,000 valid e-mail addresses from May 15 to June 15, with Truman receiving 21,373 votes.
After months of intense lobbying by divided union members, votes to determine whether the Screen Actor's Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists should merge will be tabulated today.