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They also tabulate equicoordinate and non-equicoordinate onesided percentage points for block correlation structure.
During this time his department was recognized as a 'top money manager' by Nelson Information, a firm that tabulates investment performance of money managers worldwide.
It tabulates the 725 companies, universities, research centers and government agencies involved in or supporting gallium nitride production and R&D, and profiles 32 such organizations.
The groups discuss each topic and complete a questionnaire which tabulates the groups' opinions on that topic.
An outside customer service firm tabulates responses, presenting results to FBJ management and production teams with recommendations for improvement.
IntelliGolf totals their final scores, tabulates all wagers and synchronizes with the included Windows desktop software for viewing performance graphs and trends.
The IntelliGolf software automates `on course' golf scoring, tracks shots by club, keeps caddie-style notes, collects game-improving statistics, and tabulates all wagers on Pocket PCs.
As calls are monitored and scored, the software continually tabulates the results and generates up-to-the-minute management reports for tracking performance trends," said Macdonald.