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She had obviously not heard anything to her advantage: and it seemed to me, from her prolonged fit of gloom and taciturnity, that she herself, notwithstanding her professed indifference, attached undue importance to whatever revelations had been made her.
His companion seemed to have abandoned, for the time at any rate, his habit of taciturnity.
In any case, a spirit of taciturnity took sudden possession of her--she was silent.
Soon they were all talking at once, rumbling and roaring as big- chested open-air men will, when whisky has whipped their taciturnity.
The kind-hearted gentleman omitted to add that Newman Noggs, being utterly destitute, served him for rather less than the usual wages of a boy of thirteen; and likewise failed to mention in his hasty chronicle, that his eccentric taciturnity rendered him an especially valuable person in a place where much business was done, of which it was desirable no mention should be made out of doors.
Here I question not but the reader will be surprized at our long taciturnity as to this matter; and quite at a loss to divine who this woman was, since we have hitherto not dropt a hint of any one likely to be a rival to Sophia; for as to Mrs Blifil, though we have been obliged to mention some suspicions of her affection for Tom, we have not hitherto given the least latitude for imagining that he had any for her; and, indeed, I am sorry to say it, but the youth of both sexes are too apt to be deficient in their gratitude for that regard with which persons more advanced in years are sometimes so kind to honour them.
Dunster nodded and relapsed into a taciturnity which was obviously one of his peculiarities.
And the German, roused from his taciturnity, turned to Vronsky.
The taciturnity of Durdles is for the time overcome by Mr.
Only that day Mr Verloc's taciturnity was so obviously thoughtful that the two women were impressed by it.
They greeted me with their usual friendliness, but I could not help noticing their taciturnity.
Thus, what Kyomuhendo does is to visibly make the psychological wounds incurred from the brutal murder of Marina's family occupy a large chunk of the protagonist's psychic networking, which explains Marina's taciturnity.