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Lock Stuart Grimes said: "Jason is certainly the hardest tackler I've played with but it is a great asset to have on your side, particularly here where it is a very physical game.
Although she uses private homes for the most part, Tackler said she can always use interesting office space, "especially conference rooms with available light.
Or pleading for a penalty at the play-the-ball because the tackler hasn''t managed to dissolve into thin air after about a millisecond.
Man of the match went to Costello, while best tackler was Luke Ramsden and best grafter was Tyler Broscombe.
Hendry is a clean tackler, it's a big skill to have," said Wigan boss Roberto Martinez.
Kyle Monson is the team's leading receiver (32 catches, three TDs) and tackler (44).
A deceptive runner can juke and jive a would-be tackler right out of his socks if he can get that one-on-one, head-on angle of attack.
Awards went to: Under 10: Harry Drennan grafter of the year; Jacob Garbutt most improved player of the year, Eleanor Smith player of the year, Max Groves sportsman of the year and Dan May players' player and top tackler.
Charlton's Republic of Ireland international Mark Kinsella ties with Winterburn as the Premiership's top tackler with a success rate of 78 per cent from his 69 challenges made this season.
Winners of Under eight awards were: Trainer of the year Reilly McDonagh, top tackler Aidan Douglas, top try scorer Aidan Douglas, most improved Teddy Sharp, player of the year Tyrone Bedeau and players' player Aidan Douglas.
Top tackler and player of the match was Joe and most improved player went to Edward.
Brown is Campbell Hall's second-leading tackler, with 79, and although - at 5-foot-8, 180 pounds - he is not a prototypical bruising fullback, he's been remarkably effective in that role.