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Women, however tactful elsewhere, are heavy-handed here.
Olsen, who paid neighborly calls of cheer and were tactful in their offers of help and in studiously avoiding more reference than was necessary to Billy's predicament.
He went off at last, with hateful, tactful regrets all in long words; and I sat down, feeling ruined in every sense.
And, giving his top-hat a rakish tilt, the old gentleman ambled indoors, satisfied that he had dropped a guarded hint in a pleasant and tactful manner.
His sympathy was the more grateful for the tactful brevity with which it was indicated rather than expressed.
Milvain is not tactful, I know, but you exaggerate, Katharine.
Another netizen reminded the critic to be tactful when making comments.
Jones has adopted a tactful approach to the Six Nations showdown at Murrayfield by refusing to engage in the phoney war that has seen the vast majority of the shots fired from north of the border.
The aim of people holding the second - the tactful perspective - is to negotiate and get along with others.
A tactful 21% said they would take someone aside and discreetly tell them they were suffering from halitosis.
An assertive leader is always tactful in their interactions with others.
Tactful discussions of the hijab, prayers, holidays, and other traditions offer the opportunity to stress the importance of tolerating other cultures, while empathizing with people who are different.