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He was starving for sympathy, which, with him, meant intelligent understanding; and he had yet to learn that Ruth's sympathy was largely sentimental and tactful, and that it proceeded from gentleness of nature rather than from understanding of the objects of her sympathy.
And Johnny, like a true host, made the tactful remarks that enabled us to find mutual topics of conversation.
He was ever a graceful man, diplomatic, tactful, and considerate.
Much of all this was due to Miss Stacy's tactful, careful, broadminded guidance.
The Fynes, in their good-natured concern for the unlucky child of the man busied in stirring casually so many millions, spent the moments of their weekly reunion in wondering earnestly what could be done to defeat the most wicked of conspiracies, trying to invent some tactful line of conduct in such extraordinary circumstances.
Women, however tactful elsewhere, are heavy-handed here.
Olsen, who paid neighborly calls of cheer and were tactful in their offers of help and in studiously avoiding more reference than was necessary to Billy's predicament.
Surely there is a more tactful approach they can take if they have some "cultural" issues they want the councillors to debate?
The interviewing officer is as tactful as she can be.
Muhammad Rizalman to the New Zealand authorities is handled in a tactful manner, seamless and in accordance with the due process of law and respecting his fundamental rights," the statement said.
We had to be terribly tactful about how we approached him over it.
But we had to be terribly tactful about how we approached him over it - just a little quick comb, before he had a chance to have a go at us.