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The seized drugs was tactfully concealed in secret cavities of the said car.
Although any comparisons to the joint top-rated juvenile of 2010 may be a little far-fetched at this stage, Tactfully looks to have a bright future.
I compliment the Government of Jammu and Kashmir for handling the situation tactfully and firmly", he added.
Their free standing building has been tactfully renovated inside and out.
I can't help but feel I've got a milder form as when the Catherine Tate TV show featured a woman who is constantly shocked by routine domestic noises, my sons tactfully squawked: "Mum, it's you
Hoping to tactfully and thoroughly attack potential concepts on all sides of the debate of 'Are We Alone?
It also offers teachers guidelines to help students develop their ability to use language critically and tactfully, assess visual content on the Web, evaluate Web sites for validity and reliability, practice online ethics and etiquette, and analyze online information for credibility, logic and embedded emotional content.
Each chapel has a dedicated foyer to tactfully prevent groups of mourners intermingling on arrival or departure.
In signing off on an email where he tactfully explained what was behind all the pinks slips that were handed out to all the local employees at KMPC-AM (1540) ``The Ticket'' on Wednesday, axed station VP/ general manager/program director Roger Nadel said: ``I think that you'll find it difficult to tell much difference between what you hear (Thursday, the first day of all-syndicated programming) from what you heard today.
As the Dog's exploratory quest for the greatest fly fishing brings him to the spiteful people of Kussmaul County and a the biting of a beaver thought to be rabid, The Blood Knot tactfully and vividly carries readers through page-after-page of an evermore gripping and intriguing mystery novel as the Dog finds yet another dead body, and even more peculiar, an outcast Amish woman high on crystal-meth.
Tactfully presenting an intriguing re-definition of the scriptural collections attributed to and about Paul, On The Letters Of Paul is a scholarly analysis providing a literary understanding through the Pauline books of the New Testament and their social values, perceptions and cultural influences on the thought and theology of the foremost evangelical apostle of the fledgling Christian movement.
Tactfully introducing the readers to what truly made his life remarkable, My Life With The Saints tells the stories of Martin's associates, friends, mentors, and partners--otherwise known as the saints of the Catholic Church.