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ANF Lahore intercepted a courier parcel at Skynet Lahore and recovered 980 gram methamphetamine tactfully concealed in restaurants' menu books.
ANF Karachi intercepted a parcel at Fed-Ex office Shahrah-i-Faisal Karachi and recovered 440 gram of fine quality heroin tactfully concealed in cloth.
As an ably compiled and tactfully edited second edition by Barbara Chazarian, Descendants Of Noah: Christian Stories From The Armenian Heart informs the reader of how the exploration into the the Armenian Christian storytellers world of myth and insight may help to enrich the spirit and vitality of one.
Waists will be up to four inches bigger on the range, tactfully slogan-ed "sizes to fit all kids".
Where Miller and Maher make their points with joke-laced harangues, Rock does so more tactfully, with inspired absurdist wit - gun violence was skewered with reports of an attacker entering a building and hitting people upside the head.
TKA-723 and recovered 280 Kgs of Charas, tactfully concealed in secret cavities of the vehicle.
The drug was tactfully concealed in 11x Cardboard Plates.
ANF Peshawar Airport Team arrested Muhammad Kamran s/o Sarhayat Shah r/o Dargai, Malakand and recovered 521 Gm of Morphine, tactfully concealed in his hand carry luggage.
This Open Eye: Seeing What We Do calls on the readers attention and intuition for the remarkable metaphors it so tactfully presents.
Perfect reading for the armchair traveler, The Indochina Chronicles is very strongly recommended to as an informative and intriguing collection of stories, histories, happenings, and travelogue explorations of a generally unknown countries, all tactfully and engagingly written from beginning to end.
The old building has been tactfully restored and a jumble of incremental additions removed so that the original Victorian structure is revealed in its stern glory once more.
Occasionally he will move a few feet from the farm to tell us about being wrapped in Darleen's silky arms, or to confess that in a test with ink blots he saw a naked Blessed Mother, which he tactfully reported as "It looks like the Virgin Mary.