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Tactfulness and verbal skillfulness appear together at other points in the text.
Also, Cineas adds that tactfulness is imperative and the main thing to remember in your delivery is to "address the issue, not the person.
More than four decades after the Treaty of Sugauli Janga Bahadur Rana was able to bring the Terai region of today's far western Nepal back from British India by employing his diplomatic tactfulness.
The poems are "occasional and idealized" in that they prompt "Donne to abstract philosophizing about the nature and meaning of death, but the sequence is finally most remarkable not for its philosophy or even its striking imagery and ingenious arguments, but for its revelation of Donne's rhetorical agility, his tentativeness and tactfulness, his willingness to revise his positions, and, especially, his persistent awareness of audience and occasion" (211,212).
This was the news that as you get older the part of the brain which deals with tactfulness wears out.
6 (ANI): The next few days would test the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt's tactfulness and skills regarding handling issues in the board, as he has to make everal important decisions in days to come.
For me, the most successful aspect of Engines of the Imagination is its tactfulness regarding the problem of defining machines: Sawday explicitly resists offering a normative definition, and in the end he seems very right to have done so.
Little tactfulness and you have your men by the hook for the rest of your lives.
For his part, Octavius could not tell if his elaborate exercises in tactfulness had earned him this intimacy of not.
His advocacy of a national music, dedication to folksong, embrace of amateur music-making, love of English literature, encouragement of students, financial support for fellow musicians, social tactfulness, capacity for hard work--all of these well-known attributes are brought out with a wonderful immediacy.
Clinton impressed Indians not merely with her tactfulness, but even her handling of spicy Indian foods.
Trude has been a true role model, providing great judgment and a unique balance of directness and tactfulness," remarked Roger Wery.