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Observers are airborne tacticians who conduct operations, in a military aircraft.
Before he steps aboard any boat as tactician, Coxon, himself a former overall winner of the Rolex Sydney Hobart on Sovereign in 1987 and multiple line honours winner, first makes sure he understands the owner's expectations.
That they offer such innocuous ways of doing so (choose a badge; agree with or cavil at a political statement) suggests a somewhat melancholic estimation of the audience's mental torpor: For all the comic crapulence of their audience-participation activities, the Smiths are social anatomists and oblique tacticians rather than jokers.
This party had been outsmarted on June 24--a sign that however corrupt the Liberals might be they had smarter tacticians calling the shots in the House.
If Alex Ferguson or Arsene Whinger brought on a player and a goal was scored almost immediately, as CFC did against Lazio, they'd be hailed master tacticians.
Few clubs boast a prouder FA Cup tradition, and their manager, while clearly a `Wacko Jacko' away from football, is one of its master tacticians as recent games against West Bromwich Elbows, Man City and Charlton demonstrate.
As well as being one of the country's greatest military tacticians, he famously designed the Wellington boot in 1816 shortly after the Battle of Waterloo, setting an enduring footwear fashion.
These experienced air combat tacticians are masters in the art of air combat tactics training.
Colorado State (5-3) update: Rams coach Ritchie McKay is one of the best young tacticians in the country and will try his best to slow the tempo.
He is one of Europe's most highly respected tacticians - and is a known admirer of British football.
The four basic entrepreneurial types described are: administrators, who build existing businesses within known industries; tacticians, who deliver spectacular performance within a known technology; strategist, who take a concept and put it into action; and idealist, who turn dreams into enterprises.
Too myopic to see the beauty of strengthening the president's hand by appearing to relinquish constitutional prerogatives that are only arguably his to begin with, these purveyors of tired talk and tireder ideas are, like their boss, simple tacticians of low politics.