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Dishing out nick-names to her new minions on Keller, she's also tactless, supercilious and so rude to poor old Sacha (or Pudsey, as she calls him) that he gets very hot under his flowery collar.
A relative who was with me said her remarks were not only tactless, they were stupid, and lack of funding in this case was not to blame as attitudes can not be bought.
They reported that the stigma and ignorance still exists - people believe it's a weakness or an excuse, even a 'lifestyle choice'; they continue to say tactless things like, "pull yourself together".
Katie, I've nominated myself as your tactless, direct pal, the one who tells you what you really need to hear.
JACK Fletcher brought up an interesting subject when he wrote about politicians making tactless blunders, namely, Boris Johnson alluding to the old chestnut put forth by psychologists that IQ is fixed at birth and can only be minimally altered during the course of a lifetime.
What is the French expression for a tactless remark or social gaffe?
But he has often been criticized for tactless remarks about the socially vulnerable, such as the elderly and unemployed, and any repetition of such verbal blunders could draw flak against the new administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which plans to raise the politically sensitive consumption tax in 2014 and 2015.
He added: "I haven't done years of diversity training, so sometimes I say things which are probably tactless, and I don't mean to, to be honest, I don't mean to do that.
Dannii and her associates feel that Simon's remarks were tactless.
Politicising the understanding of justice and history through other people's past and damaging freedom of expression in a tactless manner are first and foremost a loss for France.
In the meanwhile, Standard & Poor's announced intentions to carry out a mass downgrade of the credit ratings of eurozone countries, a move that Merkel and Sarkozy denonounced as tactless.
Doc Martin (ITV1, 9pm) Life may be back on track for the tactless doctor this week.