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The US has been following tactless and harmful policies in international relations since the start of Donald Trump's era.
Over the past 10 years, there's been a bizarre increase in the purchase of tactless ties, mundane merchandise and board games that are, well, a bit boring.
Among all done flawed and failure policies, recognising Jerusalem as a capital of Israel is the most predominant tactless policy highlighted by Trump.
PREDICTABLY, many self-professed "Christians" were offended by Greggs' recent, tactless Christmas advertisement which depicted a cheap and greasy sausage roll lying in the manger in place of the baby Jesus.
He should be aware that previous bad publicity (including trips on zipwires and tactless comments about whistling for money) has undermined his credibility in the eyes of the nation.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday slammed President Rodrigo Duterte for skipping the Independence Day rites at Luneta Park, calling him tactless for skipping such an event just because he lacked sleep.
Some said that the ECB had once again made a tactless comment.
TACTLESS Gabby Logan to Flockstars dasher Lesley Joseph: "Your time from the topiary to the pen might be a record for an over-aged category.
Dishing out nick-names to her new minions on Keller, she's also tactless, supercilious and so rude to poor old Sacha (or Pudsey, as she calls him) that he gets very hot under his flowery collar.
They reported that the stigma and ignorance still exists - people believe it's a weakness or an excuse, even a 'lifestyle choice'; they continue to say tactless things like, "pull yourself together".
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However, I find the concept and innuendos illustrated in the trailer for this forthcoming show completely tactless, detestable and inconsiderate.