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Rather tactlessly, Calzaghe said as much last year when asked his opinion of Sports Personality, no doubt referring to the year he won the WBO title, 1997, when second-rater Greg Rusedski, barely British anyway, walked off with the trophy for finishing runner-up in the US Open tennis.
It was also tactlessly named a "pay on foot" car park.
He then continues to explain to her the aggressive nature of her cancer, interrupting his explanation with a tactlessly automatic question--"So far, so good?
Ay; but, by your leave, not before me," Cassio vainly, tactlessly, concludes: "the lieutenant is to be saved before the ensign" (2.
When Pethica claims Lady Gregory was tactlessly hostile to Synge about the plans for the opening of The Playboy, he misreads the situation and does her an injustice.
In "A Sudden Trip Home in the Spring" by Alice Walker, very similar physical characteristics make scholarship-winner Sarah the exotic beauty of the art school in the north, where the other girls admire the "proud gazelle" and tactlessly parade her for friends and relatives to see.
Williams, along with lamenting that neither of them have the time to write as much as they would like, comments rather tactlessly that Zukofsky seems to have "changed considerably" for the better since his marriage.
Mohs, which I had never heard of before but which turns out to be the best way to handle what the doctor was calling, rather tactlessly, I felt, "a tumor of this sort.
I had pointed out, a bit tactlessly perhaps, that at 72, Elizabeth Taylor was kidding herself if she thought her blonde hair colouring was attractive.
That's the sort of defence you'd have loved to have faced," remarked Keys tactlessly of a Marseille backline that would have been up against Shearer's Newcastle had they not been knocked out in the qualifiers by Partizan.
But that premise skirts the underlying problem, the one O'Neal correctly, if tactlessly, identified six months ago.
However, like Delamuraz, Borer also fancied himself to be an Auschwitz expert and warned Volcker tactlessly that he would find few dormant accounts in Swiss banks, since "rich Jews did not go to Auschwitz.