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Tactual's hardware solutions could revolutionize the way gamers play and developers build multi-touch games," said Tactual President, Steven Sanders.
Where the verbal repertoire cannot be utilized (for example, in the case of certain scientific concepts for which learners have a less established, or no, entering repertoire), instruction would need to be very different if the targeted outcome was establishing a tactual relation rather than a paired-associate or equivalence relation.
Children who experience loving tactual experiences visualize themselves as warm, sensitive people (Burgoon & Saine, 1978; Montagu, 1971; Weiss, 1984).
This quotation from novelist Margaret Atwood might well be the motto for the exhibition Tactual Explorations at the North Light Gallery, Armitage Bridge, this week.
However, at least 80 percent of elementary children are global, tactual, kinesthetic learners--a mismatch with Phonics.
The Tactual Atlas of Australia in Braille is also in the collection.
For example, an intuitive thinker's desire to understand, control, predict, and explain a situation is accommodated in the tactual learner's preference to have hands-on involvement in the learning process.
Summary orders in the Second Circuit typically provide concisely reasoned explanations for the court's decision, but spare much of the tactual and procedural elaboration that would be necessary to permit application of the decision to other cases," Walker said.
These included computerized tests from the Neurobehavioral Evaluation System (NES) including finger tapping, hand-eye coordination, tactual performance, and the NES continuous performance task (CPT).
Tactile sensor arrays conform to curved body surfaces The T-2000 tactile sensor system employs an array of pressure sensors in a flexible format to quantify tactual forces.
It is equally conceivable that class sizes were larger in subjects highly appealing to children, such as those involving tactual participation or intriguing discussions.
The Two Systems That Serve Memory Symbolic Systems Sensory Modality Verbal Nonverbal Visual Printed words Picture or objects Auditory Speech sounds Environmental sounds Tactual Braille Feelable objects Kinesthetic Motor feedback from writing Motor feedback from haptic exploration of objects Table 2.