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Another issue to consider is that interpreters who are skilled working with deaf sighted people may need to learn how to convey the communication tactually or accommodate for the visual needs of deaf-blind people; it cannot be over-stated how important it is to convey visual information to the client, such as describing the environment and what is happening around them, facial and body expressions of the speaker, and so on.
July 29: "PROMPT: A Tactually Grounded Treatment Approach to Speech Production Disorders" Deborah Hayden of the PROMPT Institute shares her research in the field of speech production disorders, phonology, hearing impairment, dysarthria and apraxia.
For instance, studies found participants could not only identify unknown people with great accuracy by touching the individuals' faces, but they could also tactually identify a range of facial expressions indicating a wide variety of emotions without any training.
Long before most kids can read or write, they are expressing themselves physically and tactually through art and building activities.
Many researchers have documented the statistically higher standardized achievement-and attitude-test scores of underachievers and Special Education students after they were introduced to new and difficult academic information tactually or kinesthetically.
In addition, the resource staff helps Akila in other subjects through extended description, clarification, and reinforcement, and with the help of multisensory devices and aids like talking books and three-dimensional, tactually manipulative aids.
The new K-punch tablet will allow Klonopin patients to quickly recognize their medication, visually as well as tactually, and alert their physician and pharmacist if a substitution has been made," said Jonathan Solsky, M.
Questions on the transcription survey asked about the amount of time participants spent in preparing and producing the worksheet, production method or methods utilized, resources used in the preparation, and proofreading of the worksheet either visually or tactually.
These principles are different than the elements of art: line, shape, color, form, texture, space and value, which we can see; whereas, we can feel the principles of design, not tactually, but with our art hearts and our natural senses.
Andrews (1990) revealed that 62 percent of underachieving elementary students had registered strong preferences for learning new and difficult academic material tactually.
The interpreter must be able to convey the visual information as wen as the auditory to the consumer and to tactually express emotions as well as the message.
Care was taken to create word sets comprised of tactually distinct words (for example, words that began with the same letter were placed in separate word sets, word cards with two words were placed in separate word sets).