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Let's have a game of tag," cried the Prince, swinging himself up to a beam with a sounding slap on Stevie's shoulder.
Part of the process of recovering from my long sickness was to find delight in little things, in things unconnected with books and problems, in play, in games of tag in the swimming pool, in flying kites, in fooling with horses, in working out mechanical puzzles.
Ay, you may tag my verses if you will," replied the great blind man.
She yet retained her childish delight in the primitive games of tag and hide-and-go-seek which Tarzan's fertile man-mind had evolved.
To play tag through the tree tops is an exciting and inspiring pastime.
Here he set before me water and soap, and a comb; and laid out some clothes that belonged to his son; and here, with another apposite tag, he left me to my toilet.
I have no other moral than this to tag to the present story of "Vanity Fair.
I am a bit of dirty riff-raff, and a genuine scrap of tag, rag, and bobtail.
DFA wanted to minimize the cost of applying RFID tags and ensure high quality data to be used for downstream value-based analytics," said Toby Rush, president of Rush Tracking Systems.
Intelleflex's InfoSure tags and the I-Beam reader are multi-protocol, ensuring global interoperability using EPC standards.
Alien Technology Corporation today announced that it has signed strategic multi-year supply agreements with six of the industry's leading suppliers of RFID labels for the purchase of an aggregate of up to 840 million Alien RFID tags, including tags based on the newly announced Alien Gen2 RFID chip.
With the current capacity to manufacture up to 2 billion RFID tags per year, and 10 billion tags per year in the future when fully equipped, Alien's Fargo facility represents a milestone in the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) industry's ability to produce high volumes of affordable, high-quality tags, and will be instrumental in extending Alien's long-standing price/performance leadership