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The store owner added that the Dog Tags for Kids program was inspired by her brother, who served in the first Gulf War.
In 2004, the mega-retailer set a self-imposed mandate that pallets from its top 100 suppliers bound for Wal-Mart or Sam's Club include RFID tags.
It is also predicted that tags will eventually be added to the major search engines including AOL Search, Google, MSN Search and Yahoo.
RFID tags already exist in the form of "smart cards" that store dollar amounts for riders of some public transportation systems.
Moreover, using our technique, we have confirmed that RF ID tags fabricated entirely by screen printing, applying our technique, can work well at frequencies of 5-40 MHz.
The prototype tags, along with the traditional 410 tags, were attached to four pallets at DDSP: automobile engines going to Tikrit, Iraq; camouflage netting bound for Kuwait; mixed freight including Humvee components destined for Kosovo and Bosnia; and vehicle parts kits and Humvee radiators heading to Kandahar, Afghanistan.
By the end of January 2006, we will have all of our suppliers applying tags to cases and pallets moving through our distribution system," he said.
In addition, the funding includes $100,000 for SDDC to incorporate 10,000 Radio Frequency tags in its operations.
5 million tag order brings Xterprise's projected annualized RFID tag shipments to be over 10 million tags in 2007.
Macario said they issue 100 tags, a data entry book and a tagger for $10.
Designing chips to seamlessly integrate location information based on Wi-Fi, active RFID technologies or passive RFID sensors, G2 is the first company to develop an integrated circuit architecture specifically for the demanding power requirements of active asset tracking tags.