tail end

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R against those who are envolve in water theft and irregularities without any political discrimination and to ensure water supply at tail end.
This he stated while presiding over a meeting about water shortage and evolving strategy to ensure water supply upto tail end areas.
In general, tail end spend follows the 80/20 rule with 80% of suppliers accounting for 20% of an organization's indirect spend.
The tail end of the hurricane, that began life in the Caribbean, produced miserable conditions yesterday and continued to disrupt travel services.
Summary: The tail end of a storm that has dumped rain on Southern California for nearly a week has given the region one final lashing.
And as we enter the tail end of the summer hols, the latest adventure of Tink is clearly designed to be a must for little girls.
Guitarist Richard was a mainstay of indie poppers Cartoon who released a few singles at the tail end of the '90s, toured with Liverpool's finest Space, and then promptly split up.
After initial static "slugging" of the line for three weeks, over-odorized natural gas was flowed through the line while odorant levels were monitored at the tail end of the pipe.
We've been bumped by the tail end of Hurricane Bill, which the weather experts said has sneaked across the Atlantic," she added.
Emarati al-Wasl, against all expectations, exited the Championship as it occupied the tail end.
A TYNESIDE horticultural society was left with a repair bill of more than pounds 1,000 thanks to the tail end of Hurricane Charley, says this caption story from the Chronicle archives of August 1986.
The Tail End System - How to find long-odds winners in jumps racing by Ross Newton (pounds 12.