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Rather will I sit in a tub under a closed heaven, rather will I sit in the abyss without heaven, than see thee, thou luminous heaven, tainted with passing clouds!
The contamination of her crime spread out, tainted the universe, tainted himself; woke up all the dormant infamies of the world; caused a ghastly kind of clairvoyance in which he could see the towns and fields of the earth, its sacred places, its temples and its houses, peopled by monsters--by monsters of duplicity, lust, and murder.
This is now a tainted place, and I well know the taint of it clings to me.
The 30-page complaint also asks that the State of Michigan undertake a wide spectrum of future corrective action, including lifetime medical monitoring for all the children injured by the tainted water.
Gerry Russell, Kilsyth, said: "I read Rab Picken's comments in Thursday's paper about tainted titles - what rubbish.
Cong questions PM on ' criminal' ministers THE Congress on Monday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pre- poll stand on cleaning up parliament of tainted lawmakers and alleged that the number of shady members in his council of ministers had gone up.
Ashley uses the experiences of her tainted past to guide women into an amazing future.
TOKYO, Aug 5 (KUNA) - Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter, apologized on Monday for its tainted milk powder scare and said the contaminated whey protein responsible for the botulism concerns will be under control within 48 hours, the state-run China Daily reported.
4-billion dairy trade is under threat over the discovery of tainted whey used in dairy products to eight customers in Australia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
Washington, April 24 ( ANI ): When people perceive money as morally tainted, they also view it as having less value and purchasing power, according to a new study.
A number of search and seizure campaigns launched by Cairo's Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) in a number of the city's stores, restaurants, slaughterhouses, factories and open air markets, led to the recall of 1,565kg of tainted meat not suitable for human consumption
QUETTA -- It's a good gesture on behalf of Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Ghous Baksh Khan Barozai, who removed the tainted glasses from his vehicle.