take charge of

References in classic literature ?
In company with Campbell's convoy was a trapping party of the Rocky Mountain Company, headed by Fitzpatrick; who, after Campbell's embarkation on the Bighorn, was to take charge of all the horses, and proceed on a trapping campaign.
WELSH referee Nigel Owens is still the favourite to take charge of the 2015 Rugby World Cup final despite being overlooked for a lastfour match at the weekend.
New Delhi, May 27 ( ANI ): Newly appointed ministers have started to take charge of their office including Prime Minister Narrendra Modi, following the issue of press communique on allocation of ministries released by Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday.
He will become the 55th referee from Wales to be awarded his full cap and he will also take charge of the England v Barbarians fixture at Twickenham before the star-studded Barbarians side travel to Hong Kong to face the British and Irish Lions in a one off Test match.
MARK CLATTENBURG will take charge of an Everton match for the first time in more than four years at Aston Villa on Saturday.
Two years ago Argentina's Horacio Elizondo became the first to take charge of the opening game and final of a World Cup.
Claim--The problem concerning the patient decision to take charge of his/her health is related to the non modification of behaviours that are health damaging.
IRISH referee Alain Rolland is being tipped to take charge of the World Cup final - but only if Ireland and France are knocked out of the competition.
If he really means to leave a legacy, then he needs to take charge of all city departments and commissions, not just the one with the highest profile.
The following week Clark and John Rowbotham take charge of UEFA cup-ties while in early September Young has been awarded the World Cup qualifier between Norway and Armenia.
Indeed, you can once again take charge of your life.
The roadmap outlined in Taking Charge identifies three ways female senior executives take charge of their work and personal lives: