take precedence over

See: outweigh
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Only about one in four Russians, for instance, are now prepared to sacrifice their own living standards for the sake of national greatness, and in one Levada Center poll only 12 percent said the state's interests take precedence over human rights.
If there is any conflicting guidance pertaining to contracting, the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Defense and Army Federal Acquisition Regulation supplements will take precedence over this regulation and Department of Defense guidance.
And while environmental considerations must be balanced against human need, the habitats of frogs and flowers shouldn't take precedence over the habitats of humans.
District Judge ruled that FDIC claims on a property take precedence over all other liens on that property.
The guide does not take precedence over Internal Revenue Service or Department of Labor interpretations and was written to apply to plans the PBGC has taken over.
Speaking in Geneva to the issue of economic and social rights (and subsequently finding himself unable to meet the sudden demand for his related press release), Dilloway exercised a positive effect on decisions affecting global development policies--in particular, the decision that debt payments of developing nations shouldn't take precedence over basic rights of citizens to food, shelter, clothing, employment, health services, or a healthy environment.
Religiously controlled sex education is also vigorously supported by many UNESCO NGOs, as well as "the non-universality of human rights"--the idea that the specific cultural practices of various societies should take precedence over human rights, particularly the rights of women.
Through Infonet's Application Defined Networking (ADN) service, Armstrong has been able to prioritize network traffic, guaranteeing that its mission-critical ERP and CRM applications take precedence over other mission-supporting applications.
The 5-4 ruling said federal regulations take precedence over the restrictions Massachusetts wanted to put into effect.
For once, taking care of the economy and the environment should take precedence over taking care of City Hall's special interests.
Despite the rosy economic outlook, the creation of a reserve fund - an even bigger one than Wilson proposes - ought to take precedence over a tax cut.