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The pole vault runway, take-off box, uprights, and landing mats complied with IAAF regulations for pole vault competitions.
It was what's known in the industry as a tail hit at take-off.
The Fokker F-27 twin-engine aircraft slammed in flames into a wheat field on the outskirts of the city of Multan, just after take-off, spiralling in the air before it hit the ground.
Whatever happened to it was after take-off,' he said.
Arriving back at Gatwick Airport after being transferred to an Emirates flight, honeymooners Marcus and Charlotte Walsh, from Manchester, told of how the panic began on the initial take-off.
The Thomas Cook Boeing 757-300 bound for Manchester had been secured for take-off and was half way along the runway at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus when the captain pulled out of the take-off manoeuvre.
Not being able to make it over the hurdle without jumping, which requires the heel of the foot to touch before take-off ("flat foot").
George Duffield has narrowly escaped death on more than one occasion, and Michael Roberts has never forgotten an aborted take-off after a Chester meeting.
In the state of heightened awareness before take-off (fear
Birmann is investing about US$15 million in the project; Lider is to provide the nuts and bolts for the take-off and landing area at a $10 million price tag.
Finally, Portrait of Daniela and The Take-Off faced off against one another along a low, narrow corridor beneath the gallery staircase.