taken for granted

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It was therefore almost something to be taken for granted I would extend my contract to the end of the 2006 season.
Reading the paper before work is taken for granted in the sighted world, but such immediate access to published material hasn't been a possibility for the blind until now.
However, there is a growing concern that technology is being developed in "virtual" environments where it is taken for granted that the computer will produce reliable results; the dependence of these results on underlying property data is often unappreciated.
To each of the communities that will be a part of the loop, the project means accessibility to services and information "that is taken for granted by most people in the rest of Ontario," Thunder Bay Telephone general manager Sharon Hacio says.
Arpino's choreography has often been taken for granted, as was true of Viva Vivaldi, created when the company sorely needed works to fill a sparse repertoire.
In a biographical note, he writes that he "was born and spent (his) childhood in conservative sectarian Christianity in which biblical literalism and infallibility were taken for granted.
All the things that we'd all taken for granted were now just memories.
She said she chose to use objects such as electrical cord, a lamp shade, chicken wire and wooden spoons because they are taken for granted, just like the people that were taken for granted when the bomb was dropped.
Hakutani's insight - for Wright, human values had to be fought for, could not be taken for granted - describes what is both an historical and an existential experience.
It seems that long-term care (LTC) has always taken for granted that it is an industry.
AS IF to emphasise that everyone seems to have taken for granted the provision of wooden boxes for racecourse bookmakers, overlooking the fact that someone supplies and looks after them, one of those who was offered pounds 500 to go quietly has a tale that tells all.
Cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength are components of overall performance that we are familiar with--but respiratory muscles have probably been taken for granted.