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The TOEIC Listening and Reading Report on Test Takers Worldwide is based on the information gathered from all test takers who completed the TOEIC Background Questionnaire administered in 2014.
ROBERTO MARTINEZ says Everton do not have a "designated" penalty taker but a number of players able to take spot-kicks.
We all know people like that, and it's clear to see how those folks can end up propping up the Takers and Matchers, as well as the successful Givers.
The world's selfie capital, it turns out, is Makati City in the Philippines where there are 260 selfie takers for every 100,000 people.
Yes, we are a nation of takers, but it is not the people who voted for the president doing all the taking.
Out of the 40 countries the data is collected from, UAE test takers showed the highest increase of English proficiency skills.
We have a lot of technical and organiza-tional problems, starting with the impossibility to complete the regional census commissions with Albanian census takers in Bitola, Strumica and Ohrid as well as in other cities," Bexheti said.
One-time action takers versus repeat-action takers: The percentage who have done only one thing once versus those who repeatedly engage.
Summary: England Under-21 coach Stuart Pearce has told his penalty takers they cannot opt out of any potential shoot-out.
Adam was one of eight penalty takers to win a place in the national final after putting three goals past Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar in a regional heat held in May at Eston Leisure Centre.
First responders confirm the hostage takers have knives, and their identities leave no doubt they are willing to use them on the supervisor should their demands not be met.
Slightly more than 71 percent of test takers in the United States passed the GED in 2004, after ACE added complex math questions requiring calculators and made the writing and reading portions more demanding.