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Tutorials to increase computer familiarity can eliminate this effect (Taylor, Jamieson, Eignor, & Kirsch, 1998) and the use of standard web-browsers in WBTs increases the likelihood that test takers are already acquainted with the testing environment.
Traditional risk takers often are nervous about implementing automated underwriting strategies for a number of other reasons.
So far 1029 people have applied to be census takers while 655 team-leader application forms have been sent out.
They also understand that, in general, the police should not acquiesce to the demands of hostage takers.
Thousands of university students and other TOEIC test takers have filed complaints via the Cheong Wa Dae website claiming YBM intentionally set the deadline for the test a few days before the previous test results were released.
ROBERTO MARTINEZ says Everton do not have a "designated" penalty taker but a number of players able to take spot-kicks.
Plus, it is the only admissions test accepted by graduate and business school programs worldwide, giving test takers more opportunities for success.
Please note that registered banks are not deposit takers under Part 5D of the Act.
Hostage takers may initially feel in control and empowered, but as time passes, the negotiation team builds trust and rapport and convinces them that they will not accomplish their objectives and that they should surrender peacefully.
Effective July 1, 2012, the GRE revised General Test will have one global price for all test takers worldwide, regardless of where they test.
The Commission stated that the Albanian members proposed a compromise solution for the census takers which foresees that if one municipality has more than 50 percent Albanians, the same number of Albanians should be included in the census team and the rest to be from other ethnic communities.