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The power, authority, and ability of a judge to determine a particular legal matter. A judge's decision to take note of or deal with a cause.

That which is cognizable to a judge is within the scope of his or her jurisdiction. A Justice of the Peace would not have cognizance of a major criminal matter, for example.

See: appreciation, apprehension, cognition, comprehension, experience, heed, identification, insight, knowledge, notice, observation, perception, realization, reason, recognition, scienter


1 the right of a court to hear and determine a cause or matter.
2 (US) confession.
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The commission takes cognizance of the role of the South African Police Services (SAPS) in ensuring that the alleged perpetrator was made to stand trial and trusts that all these efforts will deliver a successful prosecution, tomorrow.
The board was told that the reasons of closing of the cases was that they were not routed through the procedures prescribed for such cases where NAB takes cognizance in cases forwarded by Public Accounts Committee or the Auditor General of Pakistan.