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His upcoming plans to harness the wisdom and power of this international consortium to publish best practices and share knowledge within the EMF and the industry is a commitment he takes seriously, and this year will see exciting news coming from both organizations.
The wireless industry takes seriously its responsibility to protect the more than 195 million wireless devices in use today in the United States," said Steve Largent, President & CEO of CTIA.
The new Arnold takes seriously the mandate to cooperate with the state's legislative leaders - the same folks who, only a month ago, he said, were ``taking our country, our state, down almost into bankruptcy'' through ``an insane system of spending, spending, spending, and borrowing and borrowing.
As a leading manufacturer of lifesaving technology, Guidant takes seriously its responsibility to create the most reliable products and services, enhance patient outcomes, and limit adverse events to patients.
The Disney board takes seriously the responsibility to listen to all shareholders.