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They beat St Johnstone in Perth then gubbed Clyde by four and that takes some doing.
It really takes some doing for the postman to send Mr Cairns' mail to an unsuspecting resident in Maesteg or Porthcawl.
He'd be well past the 200 figure by now without that, but what he has done still takes some doing.
It takes some doing, not to score a birdie around this course,' he said.
We've already won at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates, Goodison, The Hawthorns and Villa Park - that takes some doing.
It was a great achievement for him, and to train over 3,000 winners when 300 of them have come at Newmarket takes some doing.
After keeping a clean sheet in the first half it takes some doing to let in six after the break.
LOOKING after a young family and holding down a full- time job while studying for additional qualifications takes some doing.
KATE Winslet shunned the trappings of stardom to prove she was a down-to-earth lass and not a showbiz luvvie (which takes some doing with that accent, bless).
Valerie's soon annoying the Factory folks no end - and considering how irritating most of them are, this really takes some doing.
WEST HAM bad boy Ravel Morrison has become QPR's bad boy and that takes some doing with Joey Barton in the same side.
It makes Birkenhead look posh, which takes some doing.