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Not going to Austria and Switzerland is a disappointment to all the fans and hopefully a European Cup Final between two English teams takes the edge off that a bit.
The problem is that this sort of visual whimsy is the stuff cartoons are made for, but translating it into human performance takes the edge off the visual wit.
Or maybe sharing nearly 500 faculty meetings takes the edge off one's disagreements.
Dad always said retirement should never be planned because it takes the edge off your last season.
Inhaled or sipped as a tea, she says, the drug eases the pain of her arthritis and takes the edge off her depression.
Erco's latest products include Quadra, a new range of compact recessed luminaries; Skim (above) which takes the edge off traditional downlights with its clear-cut light ring: and Landmark and Panorama, two new bollard luminares with Dark-Sky antiglare technology that eliminates light spill above the horizontal plane.