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In addition, "Chuckwagons" cruise the parking lots of Raleigh's RBC Center prior to games, collecting cans and bottles from fans as they tailgate before NC State's WolfPack takes the field.
Note on signals: After an opposing team's touchdown or just before the game begins, our special-team coordinator calls the return on the sideline just before our return team takes the field.
It is an exciting opportunity to work with a teenager who is making history each day he takes the field," said Larry McWilliams, President, U.
When Donovan takes the field this evening for the United States' World Cup opener against the Czech Republic in Gelsenkirchen, he'll have the opportunity to demonstrate why he's so highly regarded in America -- and show the Germans why they've got it all wrong.
I am passionate about being successful, and I believe that in any sport when any England team takes the field, they should have the ability and the weapons to understand how to win.