taking back

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The group -- which is performing March 27 at the Palladium in Worcester -- is feeling whole again now that Nolan and Cooper have made their second album with guitarist Ed Reyes, Lazzara and drummer Mark O'Connell since returning to Taking Back Sunday.
By contrast, Taking Back Sunday were warm and engaging, full of spiky harmonies joined by several hundred voices.
We do not have any objections to the taking back of the remains," Pfotte said.
To be on the same bill as Taking Back Sunday is crazy.
ROCK band Taking Back Sunday thrilled their fans with a signing session at a Birmingham record store before headlining at the Barfly.
There is a tremendous amount of energy in taking back the governor's seat,'' said California Democratic Party political director Sam Rodriguez.
At the same time, W&M has satisfied AT&T's desire to downsize by taking back its underutilized space to relet to the new tenant.
Betty Kresin is furious with her grandson - whose real name is Marshall Mathers III - for taking back his former wife Kim.
Taking Back, in other words, seems to have all the makings of a very good book.
This point aside, The Chronic Illness Workbook successfully and compassionately helps people adjust to life with a chronic illness via self-discovered solutions for taking back their lives.
Taking Back Sunday have announced that they will launch a small two-week club tour at the end of the year.
KARACHI -- Supreme Court has ordered taking back the possession of the government lands from the land grabbers in Karachi within six months