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The power, authority, and ability of a judge to determine a particular legal matter. A judge's decision to take note of or deal with a cause.

That which is cognizable to a judge is within the scope of his or her jurisdiction. A Justice of the Peace would not have cognizance of a major criminal matter, for example.

See: appreciation, apprehension, cognition, comprehension, experience, heed, identification, insight, knowledge, notice, observation, perception, realization, reason, recognition, scienter


1 the right of a court to hear and determine a cause or matter.
2 (US) confession.
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Even taking cognisance of what the pre-election has cost to date, the Government should bow to common sense and abandon such stupidity of appointing the unnecessary post of Police and Crime Commissioners and add it to the list of U-turns since they were elected.
He added: "Nobody can have a totally selfish look at their club, without taking cognisance of some of the issues we all face.
ISLAMABAD: Taking cognisance of Rs 100 billion budget deficit caused by the provinces in 2009-10, the federal government has asked the provinces to observe fiscal discipline otherwise the financial difficulties of the federation would increase manifold in the years to come, official sources informed here on Thursday.
According to the ED officials, a case has been filed under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act ( PMLA) after taking cognisance of a criminal complaint filed by the CBI in September.
The works will involve spraying of these roads, taking cognisance of the presence of kerbs/channels and footway's in some but not all of the locations.
The ED had registered a case in this deal under PMLA, taking cognisance of a more-than-a-year-old CBI FIR.
While taking cognisance of stories published in local dailies about the growing mosquito menace in then state capital, the Patna High Court has expressed surprise as to how the local municipal authorities were using substandard fogging drugs which are just ineffective.
She had also asked them to appear before the court on January 7 as per the production warrant issued to them after taking cognisance of the chargesheet filed against the accused on January 3.
The court had on Sunday extended the judicial remand of five accused till January 19 and asked them to appear before it on Monday after taking cognisance of the charge-sheet filed against them on January 3.
Taking cognisance of the brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi, Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde announced on Saturday a string of measures to ensure safety of women across the country.
According to a statement of Home Department, the Minister issued the directed after taking cognisance of reports of firing on shops allegedly by extortionist elements in the Food Street located on Burns Road.
The case rests that perhaps the manufacturers are feeling the heat and are taking cognisance of popular ground swell that it is the manufacturers that are to blame and not those promoting the products.