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Israel has staged drills for the last three consecutive years, but this is the first time all members of the public have been asked to enter shelters to practise taking cover.
How much more responsible it is to protect yourself first by simply taking cover while you decide if shooting is needed.
TAKING COVER Workman hands brolly to potential buyers
Challenging the owner, whilst taking cover and telling him that his dog was a danger, I was asked to whom it was a danger?
He (Sharif) is taking cover of the Supreme Court which is yet to issue a detailed verdict.
Baghdad, January 28, 2010, SPA -- An Iraqi police official said a sniper taking cover in a building in central Baghdad has opened fire on a checkpoint, according to AP.
Instead of taking cover, Mr MacWilliams went on the attack, Newcastle Crown Court heard today.
This is not taking cover away, it is about finding a better location in the local area from which to deliver the service.
Your teammates are generally good at what they do, and Mitchell is blessed with a bevy of combat-ready skills such as taking cover or crouching behind walls.
Business School researcher Martin Corbett reveals that firms are taking cover versions to the extreme by incorporating tunes and phrases from well-known Gospel and pop songs into new compositions.