taking information

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I've got that in the dressing room, they are taking information in, they are doing well so far but that was a learning curve for them.
Taking information obtained by analyzing in-store video captured with network cameras, such as customer gender, age ranges and traffic flows, as well as in-store congestion conditions, and analyzing it with CHANNEL Value, these solutions will support the creation of more attractive shopping environments, made possible through optimized floor space layouts and sales promotion activities tailored to the customer base.
The ministry stresses the importance of taking information on examinations from the official sources of the ministry.
Var of police taking information relating to the incident
He pointed out that the visit comes in the context of Sudan's keenness to the continuous dialogue with the US and taking information from the real source instead of those who have hidden agenda .
Knowledge is Beautiful provides a fine visual collection of nearly two hundred infogaphics and visualizations, taking information and using it to create visually appealing displays of information which skirt the border of art and data.
He said if such kind of politics will continue then country will head towards ruins, due to the current situation of Islamabad foreign investors are hesitating to invest while the countries of the whole world are taking information from our foreign office which is not a good sign.
Replying to a question, he said that the package would provide sufficient time period to Returning Officers for ensuring scrutiny of candidates by taking information from relevant institutions.
This is one of the most powerful alert tools we have seen and by making this available via iPhone, we are taking information and notification services to a whole new level," said David Kaelin, Appriss president.
The report said that after taking information from a user's account, the app makers not only can effectively hack your Timeline and sell your email address to any unscrupulous buyer, they can also potentially well steal your identity.
Iron Mountain study shows sensitive customer data to be the main target for half (51%) of employees taking information when they exit
The study also considered reliability, taking information from the 2012 Which?