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They have fallen out with the leadership over the head of taking seats at Stormont," he said.
Impatient with the slower, non-confrontational ways of their elders, the students took the movement to the streets, staging sit-ins, taking seats in the front of buses, and registering poor blacks throughout the South where blacks could be killed for registering.
Steve Jurvetson, co-founder and managing director of DFJ, and Bandel Carano, a general partner of Oak Investment Partners, are taking seats on the company's board of directors.
The final details of legislation will still require substantial consideration - and with the likelihood of substantially greater numbers of SNP MPs taking seats in the House of Commons after May, this is unlikely to be the end of the story.
Only a party that had given up all hope of taking seats in the Celtic nations would contemplate "Standing up for England".
With many council seats still being counted exit polls suggested Labour was taking seats off both the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems.
Two Dutch women accused of organising the stunt to promote Bavarian beer appeared in court yesterday after taking seats which were allocated to Earle by ITV.
Ryanair boss MIchael O'Leary has put forward a number of spurious publicity ideas, including charging people for using the plane loos, or taking seats out so make room for standing passengers.
But I can't see clubs who have already gone all-seater taking seats out.
Shimaa Abdelfadeel and Hebba Aref were prevented by volunteers from taking seats behind Obama at a televised event in the city of Detroit on Monday.
A LARGE-SCALE campaign is needed if the British National Party is to be prevented from taking seats in next year's council elections, say political opponents.
In Scotland, the Scottish National Party were taking seats but still far from certain of replacing Labour as the largest single party.