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Visitor Nicholas Ellis, from Penarth, said: "It is fascinating to see the development taking shape.
Currently taking shape on a former customs island in the middle of the River Elbe, HafenCity is an ambitious new city district for 30,000 workers and residents, but its array of blandly functional office blocks (predictable products of design and build tenders) is perhaps best viewed under the area's creative night-time illuminations.
The steel structures for the state-of-the-art indoor athletics facility and for the spectator stand are currently taking shape at the Oystermouth Road site.
Often enough, the results remain willfully indeterminate, just barely taking shape as clouds (I know you can't see through the air in this place especially with the lights so low, but eventually the sky will open, 2003-2004), multicolored boulders (The orb, 2003), and islands (Take your eyes out to sea, 2004).
According to an August 17th story in the Times, "a plan is taking shape to turn over control of [Liberia] .
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is taking shape.
In this biography, Kateryn Parr is not limited as an indirect influenc e on religion and politics; but emerges as "a committed player of power politics, an active patron of a multitude of arts taking shape in the emerging English Renaissance, a vigorous contributor to and supporter of the English Reformation and arguably the first Protestant Queen of England" (2).
AFTER A DECADE of planning, a $35 million, 1,500-seat theater for music and dance will begin taking shape along the lakefront in Chicago's Millennium Park.
The musical '90s began taking shape when grunge buys and gal-lovin' girls kicked mainstream rock's sagging butt, yet few could have predicted that the millennium-closing pop sensation would be a Puerto Rican former bubblegum idol of the '80s.
Dead for 140 million years, a specimen of the colossal dinosaur "Supersaurus" is slowly taking shape as researchers uncover more pieces of this giant--one of the longest dinosaurs ever found.
Vendors can tailor their offerings by assessing and analyzing which wholesale payment strategies are currently either in place or taking shape.