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Taking the plunge seemed at least as important to him as assessing risk and holding back.
PUNTERS taking the plunge on this week's Dancing On Ice eviction should tread carefully as an injury to Kelly Holmes's partner Todd Sand could hamper their performance or earn them a sympathy vote, writes Phil Agius.
A Year Of Sundays: Taking The Plunge (and Our Cat) To Explore Europe is the personal travelogue account of Edward Webster who, along with Marguerite, his legally blind wife of 28 years, and his 16-year-old cat, toured France, Holland, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Spain much in a manner reminecent of the "Grand Tours" of the 19th century upper classes.
If you decide to jump into the real estate game, evaluate all the steps before taking the plunge and purchasing a property.
Yet for all the fuss that's been made over Canada's pioneering foray into gay matrimony, an Advocate analysis shows that far fewer couples are taking the plunge than expected.
Like its TV counterpart, it aims to tell prospective buyers all they need to know about taking the plunge in foreign parts.
If it wasn't hard enough for a pro to make some cash, you've got maniacs like Ryan Smith and Ryan Gallant taking the plunge Look for Smith's board on Mystery and Gallant's on Expedition.
Although that wind-in-your-hair drivemayonly appeal to about three per cent of all new car buyers, the number of people taking the plunge and going topless has jumped nearly a third since 1998.
Before taking the plunge out of the incubator program Franklin and Hayes researched the market, and developed a business plan.
The volume terminates with the pretty image of the now supposedly even more enlightened Buster seizing "the media by the hips and taking the plunge.
It's a given that most customers taking the plunge into VoIP have little patience for anything but toll-quality calls and constant uptime, so customer-focused service providers like Vonage have little margin for error," said UNH-IOL Senior Engineer Lincoln Lavoie.
The eight nurses will be taking the plunge in Cirencester on July 20.