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Having said that, his book doesn't lack for a certain poetry: when giving instructions for determining wave periods (you divide the duration of your observation by the number of breakers), he adds: 'It's like taking the pulse of the ocean.
In October, the University of Saskatchewan released the results of Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan, which contained questions that related to Aboriginal issues.
Sources: The Prison Index: Taking the Pulse of the Crime Control Industry (2003), North Carolina Department of Corrections
Hugh Mackay has been making notes and taking the pulse of the Australian psyche for several decades now.
THIS survey was conducted for the Daily Mirror by ASG Pulse - Taking the Pulse of the People - part of the research division of ASG Ltd, Belfast.
As well as taking the pulse of such threats to our health, this edition of Health Check Wales contains a wealth of advice about how we can all make positive changes to our lifestyles.
Something as simple as taking the pulse of your patients for 30 seconds can save lives.
As part of her "Call to Action: Taking the Pulse of Rural Health Care," Lincoln will meet with Arkansans to discuss the challenges and solutions for accessing quality and affordable health care.
As part of our 50th anniversary, we are taking the pulse of our programs by visiting partners in Canada, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America/Caribbean.