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Even the terminally ungifted could find a refuge in this city of 1,001 communal sanctuaries: the car repair communes, the child care communes, the food communes, the Hungadunga commune, the Kaliflower commune--or, if you were flamboyantly talentless enough, the Cockettes commune.
Alliss, however, is not alone in having us talentless armchair sportsmen reaching for the remote control.
Surely Another Level aren't really another talentless marketing ploy, backed by big money and a team of hairdressers vast enough to tart up the cast of extras on Evita?
The vacuous, talentless horror show that they get paid millions of dollars for, when there are people who are teaching kids every day that are trying to scrape by and earn a living.
After all, what has Louis ever done for music except give us talentless boy bands?
She belongs with other women talentless enough to trade of f men who aren't playing any more, like Sheryl Gascoigne, Lizzie Cundy, wife of ex-Ipswich defender Jason, and former Bolton keeper Ian Walker's ex Suzi, who are never off the airwave s.
CONTRAST the wonderful Doris Lessing with those talentless wannabes who usually crowd our newspapers.
X FACTOR finalists have been rubbished as a bunch of talentless no-hopers - by judge Sharon Osbourne's nephew.
Like other Tim Burton films, there is much of the bizarre, but there is something likable and oddly touching about Wood and his talentless gang, played by, among others, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bill Murray.
What joy to watch a bunch of mostly talentless, overpaid idiots slapping each other on the backs as they further their own careers.
He betrayed his punk roots by agreeing to appear on this tripe but at least he walked when he realised how talentless and bland the other so-called celebrities were.
Not the least being that although porn helps define what it means to be gay, helps shape the eroticism of the next generation, and helps determine our ideas of safe sex, it's still disproportionately controlled by talentless, apolitical sleazeballs, in part because talented, politically conscious folks don't want anything to do with it.