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Haydon's group at Iowa State University in Ames discovered that astrocytes can also talk back to neurons, via bursts of glutamate.
We encourage parents to talk back to Facebook about their concerns by signing this petition.
The Community Talk Back Event will take place at 7pm in Kirkby sports centre, Brookfield Campus, Southdene, Kirkby.
Louis Horst (1884-1964), her longtime mentor and collaborator -- and one of the few people permitted to talk back to her -- was a notable loss; but even he emerges as a full-fledged character in these interviews.
So she can talk back to millions of little girls worldwide.
I loved this teacher's classes because we got to talk back, and there was plenty of idiocy in the air.
If adorned with external sensors, microstimulators might not only listen and fire out commands but also talk back -- perhaps offering highly localized assays of a person's blood pressure, joint angle or tissue oxygenation, says Troyk.
GRAFFITI is a simple demonstration of Vidavee's deep technology that provides a laboratory for participatory video and an exciting new way to talk back to the web.
It's starting to be like that a little bit because of the whole seeding situation and talk back and forth," Brand said.
She has also appeared on Fox News Network's Hannity & Colmes, The O'Reilly Factor, CNN's Talk Back Live, and numerous radio programs.