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He's talking sense," I said to myself, in mild surprise since not every Government minister does talk sense.
Children and younger faces in general, talk sense this week.
CALL MY CAPRICORN LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0730 CHILDREN and younger faces in general talk sense this week.
Has he turned up to talk sense into his fellow culture vulture or, in typical Ted style, is he giving him a green light to get on with his fling?
He was not suggesting that 'God-talk,' as it came to be short-handedly referred to, was some sort of symptom of a pathological state, but rather to the general absurdity of an attempt to talk sense about so great a mystery.
I have tried to talk sense into these rascally adults,'' said 15-year old Zack Dude, ``but once they get something in their heads, well, the next thing you know, they're all over each other.
It was the lovely Penny Smith's job to talk sense into the pair.
You need people to talk sense to you--you know, good people.